My name is Adrienne and I am pretty excited about starting Boysenberries!  Over the past year I have been inspired by numerous food blogs that have ignited a new passion for me...cooking.  In particular, cooking that is natural and wholesome.  This blog will serve to chronicle the, mostly healthy, foods I cook.  I tend to apply an 80-20 rule to eating and physical activity in my life.  I figure that if we can stay on the right track 80% of the time, veering from the straight and narrow 20% of the time is totally fine. More than fine. Necessary.  I mean, what's a life without Cool Ranch Doritos and a beer every now and then?

Boysenberries will be mainly feature healthy and natural cooking.  Since I am a big believer in the "everything in moderation" philosophy, sweet treat recipes will also be thrown in!  Other interests of mine include running and travel.  I hope to also incorporate those interests into future posts.

 I live in Hamilton Ontario with my husband Kevin and our beloved pup, Koda.  The more hidden gems I discover in this city, the more I grow to love it. A dog is a great way to get you up and exploring new hiking trails...even if it is on Saturday morning at 7:00am!

I have a graduate degree in exercise physiology and currently work in a Kinesiology department where I am involved in area of Anatomy and Physiology.  For as long as I can remember I have been involved sports and running.  Some of my best childhood memories are on a baseball diamond or a track.  For the past 10 years however, I have pretty much exclusively been a runner.  This is another area of my life where I apply my 80-20 rule.  Sometimes I thrive on having a goal race and being regimented in training.  Other times, going for a run just for the fun of it is the motivation to get out the door.

Throw in a healthy dose of Hollywood gossip magazines, and that is me in a nutshell

I truly hope you enjoy the content I post on Boysenberries and come back to visit often!


  1. Yes. He has it "dog earred" on his ipad.

  2. does he eat doysenberrie? I think blueberries are bad for dogs aren't they?